Hey, I need some quality advice on distortion pedals and what would be the right choice for my setup. I play an epiphone les paul through a Peavey Bandit 112 Transtube Amp (Solid state btw) and i need to know what kind of pedals are out there that will give me quality distortion and crunch and won't sound like **** on my amp.
General rule: the more expensive, the better quality sound. If you buy a digital pedal (like a boss), if will make the sh*ttiness of your amp more pronounced, an analog circuit tends to sound more tube amp-like, and will downplay the odd order harmonics.

Look at Fulltone pedals as a starting point.
Suhr Custom, Flaxwood Rautia or Grosh Tele thru
HBE Medicine Bawl Wah
Analogman BiComp
Texas Two Step OD
Fulltone Ultimate Octave/Fuzz
Boss CE-2
TC Nova Delay
SLO-100, 65 London or Bogner Shiva
Ask me about any of this stuff!
you should get the digitech metal master heavy metal distortion. its freaking amazing. you can play soooo many different styles and make tons of amazing distortions. get it. DO IT NOW!!!