We are currently trying to get an opening band slot of any gig we can find, we aren't being fussy about types of bands we play with, set time and payement on the door as we are simply trying to increase our fanbase beyond our farily large local following.

As is indicated in the title of this thread, my question to you people of UG is wether or not this is the right way to do things are is any way we should maybe become more choosey about who we ask for gigs?
I think it's a very good idea. Be a bit more choosey when you're more well known and hopefully with a fan base.
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I think that you should play with a lot more bands and stuff so you'll get out there to more people. If you stick with the bands that you play with now you won' reach as many people than if you play with everyone out there.

Also on your myspace, under influences it says THin Lizzy instead of Thin Lizzy, just telling you.
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