ive plugged my mic into my pre amp and into my computer, clicked line in on audicity menu, both volumes are on full and i get a weak very distorted sound,
Can anyone help me record acoustic guitar with audacity, do i need to change any settings or something?
What mic and preamp are you using? When you say plugged into computer do you mean directly into the PC sound card? If so did you plug into the line in or the mic in? If not what recording interface are you using?

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mic - sm57
pre amp - art tube mp

i plugged it into the line in which i guess is the sound card and selected line in on audicity,
i used a trial version of mixcraft before this and it worked fine.

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Why not sell the preamp and go for an audio interface?
you can get one for around $100 new these days and IMO it is the first thing anyone should look for when getting into recording as it makes a huge difference in sound quality.