Hey guys. I'm new here. I got this tonelab a few weeks ago and I'm really loving it. I know most guys here are tube amp lovers(me too) but this thing really sounds pretty good to my ears. The samples are in my profile. Let me know what you think.
Hi, great clips, especially the plexi one. I usually don't judge people's playing ability in sound clips but you're freaking awesome. I also have an LE and also have a clip in my profile (Comfortably Numb). A lot of people see the ToneLabs more as a multi fx than a modelling preamp, usually why it's overlooked. But it's amazing for the price. The only model I'm not a big fan of is the Recto (US Modern) one. Although some say the higher gain models get better when you replace the preamp valve with a JJ or the like.
These go to eleven...
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