Poll: Favourite Dinsey Pixar film
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View poll results: Favourite Dinsey Pixar film
Toy Story
20 51%
A Bug's Life
2 5%
Toy Story 2
2 5%
Monsters, Inc.
6 15%
Finding Nemo
3 8%
The Incredibles
6 15%
0 0%
Voters: 39.
After a recent discussion with a few friends, it seems apparent that I hang around with alod of Toy Story fanboys. So what's you're favourite Disney Pixar film?

I'm gonna have to go with Finding Nemo, but I do adore Monsters Inc and Toy Story 2.
Monster's Inc and Bug's Life. I'll go with MI on the amazingness of the title sequence though.
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Cars, for its sheer epic brilliance.
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Yeah Monsters, inc
Wasnt shrek done by disney/pixar? if so that should have been on the poll.
just the 1st one though the other 2 were pants.
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I was torn between Toy Story 2 and The Incredibles, but in the end I voted for The Incredibles because the characters are just cooler.
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finding nemo
but toy story is a really close second!
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Toy Story, but I like all of those movies. Second is probably A Bugs Life or Finding Nemo.
The Incredibles. Long time since I saw any of these. Especially Monsters Inc, maybe have to watch it again. Didn't like Finding Nemo that much as I feel it's pretty much a rip off of a lot of other animated movies and the "script" or whatever you wanna call is a bit thin in my opinion.
Monster Inc.

Finding Nemo was to saccharin
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Monsters Inc. was fairly good… but Toy Story was the very first one I’ve ever seen out of those movies, and plus I can’t change my vote
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Toy Story, but I like all of those movies. Second is probably A Bugs Life or Finding Nemo.

+1 definitely.
I never seen Cars, I didn't really like the look of it, but I may have to give it a watch if I can sometime. I never really got into A Bug's Life either back when I was a nipper. Finding Nemo is sooo colourful though, I love it!