Hello i just purchased the Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 60DFX Guitar Combo Amp and this is only one day old. The cleans are fine and sound awesome. The distortion also sounds also but im notice some maybe "problems" with it. When using distortion at random times it seems to get really deep sound, or a higher trebbly sound without me changing any knobs. Also at random times i get some sort of sand gritty sound coming from the speaker. Is there anything i can do to fix this or something?

should i let it warm up? or is there a certain place i should put it?, or certain volume settings is shouldnt do etc.

It would sound as if i like turned the BASS or TREBLE up a lot without even touching it
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i dont know much about those amps. but maybe its tubes are cracked? or misaligned in some way?

i didnt see the bit about warming it up. if it is a tube amp, for gods sake, warm that son up! i let my Mesa/Boogie warm for about 5-10 minutes. ill put her on standby and go turn on the tube for a segment or two of some TV show.
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it hasnt done it for a bit now, but i changed the Lead volume down, and the master up. before i had it the other way around, i dont know if that changed anything but yeah..

NVM it just did it, it went from like a deep scooped mids sound to a real trebbly sound
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Its not a tube amp, and theirs no standby switch but this is making me aggrivated :[ like. ill play some metal on scooped mids and itl be fine then it will randomly change to like a lot of treble
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Its a combo amp so im pretty sure theres not tubes
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you mean this one?


i was gonna say that it sounded like a tube going bad but that is not the case as this amp is solid state....so, i would say it should not be doing that at all.

i hope i'm wrong but that could be hard to fix. warranty?

good luck ;
Yes thats the one, and i should have a warrenty, it came in the mail yesterday
i have a solid state amp as well and that has never happened so it almost sounds like a circuit problem or loose connection somewhere. probably hard to fix. i would call whomever you bought it from and see if you can get an advanced replacement so you don't have to wait for mail AND make sure the second one is OK.

no offense, but this is why i don't buy amps thru the mail and i realize you may not have a choice. just too may things that can go wrong in shipment.

good luck ;