so heres my question...

combo amps come with an output to connect to a cab...

so if i've got a 50W combo with 1x12" speaker...

what would be the advantage of hooknig up to a 2x12 or so cab be?

(i didn't think you were supposed to mix impedances...

so you are saying that...if my combo was 50W with 8ohms impedance...if i hook up to a 2x12 cab...i'm still only gonna have 50W...but if i was bold and moved to a 4ohm...i could get louder?)
I run a 50W Marshall solid state through a JCM 4x10 cab, it doesnt get me louder, but the tone is much nicer, and bigger, due to the 4x10 having better speakers, and more of them.
technically you should get a bigger tone, like that guy said, but with a solid state you won't really notice too much difference. I hooked my marshall AVT 50 combo up to my 4x12 until I got my DSL tube head, but I didn't really notice that much of a difference. Just felt cool to have a cab in my setup.

EDIT: I didn't actually ask if you had a solid state or tube, but if you have tube, and it's 50 watts, you'd probably not need a cab, unless you wanted a little more headroom.
you already have another thread started just like this....and i told you in that one that its not going to give you any noticable increase in output or anything like that, all your going to do by mismatching your impedances in blow something eventually.
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With valve amps you can mix the impedance so that the cab is LOWER impedance than the head /combo is rated at. It does wear power valves faster though.
With SS amps you can mix the impedance so that the cab is HIGHER impedance than the head/combo is rated.

It's not a good idea to though.
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extra bass response with more speakers
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