So hopefully I am going to sell my Spider III 75 watt for $300 to this kid I know. With that $300 I am going to get a new amp, doesn't have to be incredibly loud, has to have great cleans because i might also want to spend some of that money on a distortion pedal and possibly a wah-wah pedal, i know that seems like a lot to get with only $300 but thats all i have. Also, at my local pawn shop there is a peavey rage 158 amp for $40 i am pretty tempted to get.

Don't get that little Peavey. It's absolutely awful at everything!
Try a little 5 watt tube amp, such as this:

(I'm not saying that one specifically, just it was the first example I could find)

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that peavey isn't much of an improvment over the line 6.

if you've got 300 to spend, don't cheap out on the amp! maybe you can seek out a user fender blues junior?
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yeah, get the Blackheart 5wattr and maybe a Digitech Bad Monkey for $50.

that is exactly what i would do without knowing your music taste. can you buy locally instead? are you interested in used gear? check craigslist.com too before you do anyting.

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What kind of music do you play?

everything from metal to funk, alternative, so really everything
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everything from metal to funk, alternative, so really everything

That's a tall order...I'd actuallly recommend against a small tube amp because they're voiced for lower gain stuff usually...meaning you can throw in any dirt pedal and it still won't be monstrous...I'd save more money, since it seems like a decent upgrade would mean paying more than what you paid for your Line 6.
The VJ combo is poor. I'd go for something else, MortifiedLizard has given the best advice so far.
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i really dont need all that versatility, which is y i didnt want to say all my music preferences, jut a really decent amp that doesnt cost a lot and doesnt need great distortion because i will probably buy a pedal
i would simply say that funk and metal is being pretty diverse - but we get what you mean and understand your budgect....i still say the Blackheart - cause i've heard some funk and metal out of what Slash_Rocks2005 threw up.

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Well, then, what kind of tone are you looking for, specifically?

i want a tone of my own, but i will probly be playing john frusciante-type stuff on it
yea i think im just gonna get an epiphone valve junior halfstack just because of the price
Well you could always get a used Randall. Its about the best solid state you can get for metal and it mellows out really nice. I can get a pretty nice tube sound out of my RH100 as well. My vote is for that because low wattage tubes and metal havent quit been perfected yet...Like stated above..