I know that there is a few of you out there that know how to do this and have videos up on youtube...but the songs are always of already popular songs.

Music videos are for ppl like me with listening ADD...LOL.

If anyone is interested in making some music videos with movie clips for other bands...here is the place to set it up.

Now me first...hehe

If there is anyone who knows how to put these awesome videos together...what I want is a movie clip video of 30 Days of Night for my bands' song Through The Eyes Of a MUrderer, seeing the movie trailer was what inpired me to write the lyrics for it. The song is in my profile, OR you can visit www.myspace.com/deathreckoning and it is the 2nd song in the player. I just want something awesome to put up on myspace and have youtube rotation that, I don't think, noone else has - yet.

I do not have AIM, I do have MSN...user ID is stevefriesen66@hotmail.com...add me and I can send you the song if you are interested in helping me out.