For trade, any bass guitar thats of a similar value that I like the look of. Guitar was bought 6 months ago for approx. £265 (Musicians friend said the other version is $270 so i reckon prices in england are a little unfair) no dings or dents. In mint condition and rarely used.


more pictures can be taken on request.
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$310!? are you sure that's right...?
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I bought it in england so the price is roughly doubled in USD but i'm not too bothered about the price really. Its probably worth about £200 now.
doesn't mint condition technically mean "never touched by human hands" or at least "never used" ? So when you say "rarely used" and actually have a picture of you touching it, what are you actually meaning to say?
I have only ever strummed a couple of chords on it, and it has sat in a gig-bag for all the time i've owned it apart from a few hours. Just held the neck then to avoid leaning it on the strings.
For trades? I was looking for an Epiphone Thunderbird IV or some other bass' along the lines of that.