I just had a quick question. Very new to guitar. Recently bought a Samick Malibu (stratocaster) a few weeks ago and really digging it.

Anyway, I was thinking about replacing the bridge pickup with the Seymour Duncan Hot Rails. It sounds like it'd be great for playing some metal now and then. I noticed though that they're labeled as "high output". Is it okay to mix it in with my stock single-coils? Will it be ridiculously louder? Will I have to make any additional adjustments because of it? Thanks in advance!
I have high output pu's mixed with fairly low output pu's and it works nicely for that idea of being able to play clean, and metal. While there is a little volume difference like forsaknazrael said, i don't mind it and its not noticeable if you're playing with high gain.
if you ask me the hotrails isn't all that great, it doesn't really sound like a humbucker or a single coil.
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