cater-cornered window panes
open from the outside in
arms intertwined with the kitchen stove
as the wind inhales them in

flashlight hour at blackout city
the carnivorous carousel devours
alluring them with flashing lights
blood built batteries impower

unarmed weapons hiding
scoring lash upon their back
unattentive renegades seem
to unattach their pact

adding forest to fire
to alluminate the dark
forgeing dreams to enforce beams
to uphold the empire of lust
This seemed amazingly overly-stuffy, like putting on the central heating in a greenhouse mid-summer. If greenhouses had central heating.

Don't hide behind it. The reader needs some sort of emotion to latch on to.

Sooner you get that into your head, the better.

I have something in my sig if you wanna take a look. Thanks if you can.
Yeah, I feel like that was pretty much the essence of sesquipedality. Some interesting rhymes though. I tend to run into the same problem, big ideas often need big words; so I just split the big-word rhymes up and use them in other songs so they're not too cluttered.