hey, im trying to figure out the solo to little bones by the tragically hip since theres no tab for it, it just says its F# blues scale.... is there any charts or anything about this scale on the web?
F# is on the 2nd fret as well as 14th. It sounds like Rob is using the 14th and useing the lower strings. I find when im playing the hip i tend to over use the scales and notes, keep it simple. He is using F#minor pentatonic scale, so itll be like
e 14-17
b 14-17
g 14-16
d 14-16
a 14-16
e 14 -17
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The blues scale in f# that i know goes


or just go a octive up to the 14th fret and just do the same pattern
try it here..not tabs...just 2 box patterns together
It's as if the nut posistion moved to 9th fret. (from key of C or Amin)

X= option note or the b5


here's the other shape to connect it to the others

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