Hey, hello to everybody!
my guitar teacher is mr. RODRIGO ZAPATA, he is at guitaridol.com fighting in the top 10 places to go to london.
Please, i am not asking to much, if you havent voted somebody at guitaridol.com yet, please do it now, he is from argentina, and he can easily screw mattrach and G Guerra.
If you dont believe me just see his video at the site, or check out in youtube.
He is in the 8th place, but tomorrow is the final day so these are the final hours
Please do it for him, hes not as popular as mattrach, and the rest of the guts in the top places, but he is 10 times better. chek him out
so,,, this is the link


thank you

remember that mattrach, gustavo guerra and cesar huesca, have already reach fame, but not rodrigo...
how do you vote? coz im lost here.
My red is so confident that he flashes trophies of war and
ribbons of euphoria
You Must Register At The Site, But It Would Only Take A Few Seconds
And Then You Vote (:
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Actually considering that Mattrach is a young guy and he can still develop his skills he's the black horse here.

Maybe some of us could be as good as Mattrach if we wouldn't waste our time here. >_>
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Psh, Guerra kicks his ass.

yeah right :p
haven't you seen guerra's crapy covers of 'glasgow kiss' ?
mattrach FTW