i've got a peavey classic 30, and I need to get a footswitch to change from the clean to gain channel. Will any footswitch work with it, or will I be forced to buy the peavey one that's made for the amp?
Any footswitch should work just fine.
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I have a Crate Palomino, and I used to have a Fender amp..donno what model exactly...but the Crate foot switch won't work on the Fender. If it's plugged in, it just stays on the overdrive channel.
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DO NOT get a danelectro, they are the worst brand, especially there black coffee pedal, it has a distortion that is way to high pitched and thte only way to make it go away is to drown it out with bass, you will never get a good sound out of it
What about the Valveking? Now that TS has an answer. We started talking about it last night. Would it hurt my amp at all if I tried plugging my Fender footswitch in which if for my ss amp?

is the VK propriatary or something?


Basically most switches are wired different because each amp has different functions and options and switching parameters. I've tried multiple switchs on my VK with no luck, sometimes they just turn the volume one and off. Sometimes they dont work at all. The end result is research what your buying and test it. I know the Boss one is suppossed to work best from what i hear. Its like the fs6 or something.