hi my band decided to create a few songs for a future setlist, a few covers and a couple of originals. we plan on gettin these tracks down tight.

any feedback, advice, opinions and suggestions would be apreciated here's the setlist (in Order):

1) Guns N' Roses - Welcome To The Jungle

2) The DefROCKed Nuns - In Memoriam

3) Van Halen - Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love

4) Metallica - Fade to black

5) The DefROCKed Nuns - Sanctimonious Smile

6) The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black

7) The DefROCKed Nuns - Out Of The Blue

8) Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills

9) Nirvana - Come As You Are

10) The DefROCKed Nuns - Realms Of Imagination

11) Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl

As you can see we have a bunch of mixed influences, we have 4 originals there number 2 and 7 are more acoustic rock than hard rock whereas number 10 and 5 are a bit power metal, we wanted a setlist with a bunch of mixed genres to show our different influences and we wanted to mix the slow, acoustic, rock and metal songs together.

what we dont know is wether we should finish off whith Jet or with our original (to leave a personal impression).

once again any opinions and suggestions would be apreciated.
You have a handful of originals, you could work with those.
Then you could also create more originals.
If you want to play covers, play one or two.
if youre playing to people who wanna have a good time, play a few covers definately, because not all of us judge bands on the quality of their music. personal, i prefer all original sets, but the general public wont. try these (obviously not all at once):
black night: deep purple
should i stay or should i go: the clash
motley crue: girls girls girls
ZZ top: sharp dressed man
lets get rocked: def leppard
woman: wolfmother
detroit rock city: kiss
love in an elevator: aerosmith
life in the fast lane: the eagles
20th century boy: t-rex
fire: the jimi hendrix experience
crossroads: cream
jailbreak: thin lizzy
teenagers: my chemical romance
rock and roll: led zeppelin
black sabbath: black sabbath
teenage lobotomy: the ramones
suffragette city: david bowie
time is running out: muse
steady as she goes: the raconteurs
my generation: the who
wild thing: the troggs/ jimi hendrix (if the set goes downhill andthe crowd dont dig heavier stuff, this is a good backup)
highway to hell: AC/DC

hope you like at least one of these!
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yh weve been considerin like 5 ofem for ages such as acdc, sharp dressed man, steady as she goes, love in an elevator etc...