well i was recently going over a few magazines and i saw one of my bass magazines had an article in all about ricky's

so i was wandering, does anyone here have one. if so whats it play ike, how does it sound
does it compare to the fender jazz's and precision's

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Ricks are really different compared to Fender style basses. The sound is really weird, hard to describe but it sounds almost mechanical as opposed to Fender's warm, fat and organic sounds. They require alot of maintainence as well more then most bass guitars. My teacher has a 4001 and and it really is a sexy bass. I say if you had the coin you should get one.
4003's require less maintenance than 4001's from what I hear. they take a lot of time to get ahold of, because they spend a lot of time making every one. also, the sound is very trebly and bassy, but has very little mid in comparison to, say, a j-bass.
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Rics sound like...Rics!

There rather unique--they have what can be best described as kinda twangy, sharp bright tone. Its not like a Precision though, its bright in a very specific way and they have wonderful sustain.

I'd love to own a Ric someday--esp. a Fretless. The Fretless sound quite close to an upright bass in their tone.
Played one a while ago alongside a Geddy Lee Jazz, a Warwick Thumb (P/J) and my Fretless Yamaha (single P pup).

Firstly Loved the Rick, the tone was awe inspiring and very punchy, but they remind me of MusicMan style basses (like my Washburn) in that whatever you played you knew it was a rick

Warwick? Most beautiful bass i've ever played, i will be picking one up when i can afford it, love the bassy tone, Versatility and playability.

The Jazz? could not get a tone i liked out of it, the neck was way too thin and just didn't feel right and nowhere near as versatile as the warwick

And the Yamaha, Being fretless a lot different from the others but sounds good in almost any place, gets my vote over the jazz but not the Rick or the warwick
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Ricks definitely have a very unique sound to them, but you either love the sound, or you hate it. Try listening to some songs where the bassist uses one, like some Yes, early Deep Purple (I think Roger Glover used one in the seventies at least), Lemmy uses one in Motorhead(of course, it sounds more like a guitar since he turns the bass all the way down on his amp), and there's a whole bunch more. Try checking out youtube for people who are just playing them to get an idea of whether you like the sound or not.
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For the epitome of the Rick's tone, I'd listen to an album like A Farewell to Kings, by Rush. It basically is the greatest thing ever.
A good way to describe the rick's tone is punchy and percussive.
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i've played a ric a few times and I've always prefered a fender bass to it.
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