I just got done selling my lite ash tele and American strat for a combined 1400$ or so. I made a pretty decent profit on the two for what I bought them for. The only problem is now I am guitar-less. If any of you have kept up with some of my recent threads, I had a couple options. Tomorrow I am driving to Kansas City to hit up all the major guitar stores. I am looking to spend no more than 900-1000$ on either a really nice tele or perhaps buying a MIM tele and another guitar to round out my guitar collection. I am looking for some suggestions of other guitars to look at. Here is what I'm considering as of now.

American Standard tele
MIM tele or MIM ash tele
MIM strat
baja tele
PRS se one
Epiphone Dot
PRS SE custom semi hollow

I know those encompass a wide range of guitar styles but I like to play a wide range of music. I play a lot of blues (clapton, srv, bb king, albert collins, etc) alternative (strokes, rhcp, white stripes, etc.) and classic rock (stones, hendrix, beatles, zeppelin, etc.) and others (ryan adams, doobie brothers, ccr, etc.). I love teles and will probably get a MIM if I can find one at a good price. I can't justify spending 1000$ for one instrument right now. I would like another guitar to round out different sounds (preferably something versatile) that is either a p90 or humbucker equipped guitar. I really have my eye on those two PRS'...they get rave reviews. Any suggestions are appreciated!
American Standard Tele or Gibson Sg with p-90's (the balls!)
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