What is the context?

Edit: For the sake of comedy, here's a comment the TS made a few days ago when he started a thread.

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I know how to play the modes, pentatonic scales, arpeggios, I know a decent amount of theory, Minor scales, Many Jazz chords, and how to read music
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lets say u played a E5th power chord, could u do lead out of e and the 5th (b) since it is in the chord?

You mean lead in scales with E or B as the root?...Yes? Why not?

Just hit an Eminor chord and then run down thep pentatonic scale from G at the 12 position E minor scale and down from D at the B position Pentatonic.

Do they sound good? in theory terms they should being part of the chords but maybe they dont, so to you, do they sound good?

If yes...use it?

Hopefully some other people might read these things about just thinking through a problem before running to UG, consonants and octaves and fifths all sound "good"
Oh, you want to play a B scale over an E5 chord.

If you play a "B Mixolydian" scale over E5, it is simply E major. You refer to the scale in relation to the chord underneath, so when you play the notes E F# G# A B C# DE over E5, it is merely the E major scale.