Hey. I'm pretty much just trying to make up my mind on what amp I will be buying. I cant decide between the "Marshall MG100HDFX/MG412 Slant Cab Half Stack Package" and the EVH 5150III

I don't play gigs, but by the time I can afford the 5150III, I will be

The Marshall is more in my price range, but I'll still need to really save up

I've never played either of them, but I have heard the 5150III alot. I absoloutely am in love with the red channel.

The Marshall, well, I've been convinced that nearly everything Marshall makes is good. I'd probably buy a pedalboard with it to make it more my tone.

Also, I've also noticed the one that comes with Digital Effects is rated much lower than the standard one, but they both cost the same.

Any opinions?
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save up for a JSX or the 5150 III.....don't be more then a idiot then me buying a 100watt G halfstack, i already made a stupid choice buying a 50 watter.

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Yeah, I have a Line 6 Spider III (75 watts)... I've never turned it past 3 volume
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whatever you do DONT GET THE MG
You will regret it

And I'm not just jumping on the bandwagon, my friend USED to have one (note how he USED to have it) and it sounded like utter garbage
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