So strumm patterns. Is there i place where i can find them for songs. Or do you have to Figure it out by hearing it. Generally i look for a cover then find out the strumming patterns. Is there any easier way?
sometimes the official tab books have the strumming patterns in them.
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Quote by selkies
read music instead of tab listen to song

But there are 2 problems with this:

1. Finding songs with notation can be dificult
2. He then needs to learn to read music properly

My advice is play the music reasonably loud and just listen carefully to it
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Do you know about time signatures and weak/strong beats yet? It's pretty much what the guy going "1 and 2 and" is doing, applying a rhythm over the time signature.

I sometimes copy a cool drumline and make a strumming pattern out of it. Obviously not Painkiller-esque drumlines, simple drumlines that don't really go further than quarter note beat division. Hopefully that didn't sound like mumbo jumbo... you'll have to fill us in a little better on what level you are at first.