Dear sir,

I posted a thread a few days ago about how im dropping out of cegep for the year coming so i can stay at home and study theory and practice whatever I need to.

This is so that the next time i audition for my Jazz university i get in for SURE this time.

I may also get a part time job so I can help pay for the tuition.

If for some strange reason im denied again, I return to cegep and finish my dec.

The reason why I aim this at you is because everyone who is 14 - 19 (plays guitar) tell me to go for it, and every adult tells me to not do it.

You play guitar so you know what kind of results can come from that amount of practice and you're 47 I believe...

So I'd appreciate your opinion.

Good luck by the way, Ill pray for you.
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I'm pretty sure he hasn't and won't be logging in for awhile. In all honesty, he has better things to do.
I'm pretty sure he said he wasn't going to be on UG anymore so he could spend time with his family.
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He's in rome and definetely not on UG. I believe he's got other things to do but if you reaaally want, send him a PM.