So I'm thinking about getting a Blackjack. I mostly play metal. I have heard that Schecter makes good guitars. Do you recommend this one? Also, I am an intermediate guitarist, and this will be my second guitar after a Fender Strat.
Well, I'm not sure about the blackjacks, but I have a C-1 Classic and its a great guitar. Since then I've only bought a Gibby les paul classic and I still play the Schecter just as much, maybe more. Schecters are really nice guitars for a great price. I have my Schecter set to Drop C tuning so I play metal with it. Gibby in standard. So I'd say go for it, I love my schecter and think there great guitars for the prices. Also if you'd liek check out a hellraiser, they come with Floyds and EMGs
Thanks. I was planning on tuning my Strat to C after I get the Blackjack. I would like a Hellraiser, but it's a bit too expensive for me right now.