I currently am using a roland 30x cube with a les paul ultra... I do like it but i find that it does not have the greatest tones. I was thinking of gettin a tube amp and something that does not have built in models. I play lots of metallica, system of a down, rage against the machine ac/dc and other hard rock. I'd probably spend around 400 or so on it. I've heard that peavey valvekings are good but im pretty open to suggestions. Doesn't have to be huge, just for practising. 30 would be plenty as long as it sounds good.
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Don't get Valveking unless you are going to mod it. 30-60W is huge for practicing. Save up a bit more to get better amps since Valveking isn't going to sound like a musical epiphany compared to the Cube, which is a very competent amp already.

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Have look into a Crate V-18, and then buy a nice OD or distortion and/or an EQ for the more modern sounds. Shouldn't set you back too much. There's a demo of a guy on YouTube playing a V-18 and the tone sounds fairly modern and aggressive mind you, although the video is about how indestructible it is. (The guy launches the amp across the room and it still works)