Matt Bellamy is a classicaly trained pianist.
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a classically trained pianist is only different from a regularly trained pianist because he thinks he is
A classically trained pianist, has a more solid understanding of the instrument. They tend to play things not based on modes and key, but the desired melody. They are taught to play through classical music, such as music from the brohom, Bach, Hayden, Beethoven, etc. era, which are some the most difficult musical pieces.
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Usually it means they learnt through classical songs, teaching methods. Usually means they know more theory than an average pianist.
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Well, the classical techniques usually require that the pianist has a sense of individual dynamics on each hand, expecting different sensitivities and characteristics in each. At least, that's what a classical pianist should strive for anyways.

Brad Mehldau is a good example of a jazz pianist with a strong classical background. His playing really shows. He makes great use of distinguishing the individual voicings with his hands and creatively improvises with ostinatos on one hand while playing the solo lines with the other.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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