Hi, we are currently a 4 piece band looking to complete our line up with a bass player, we need someone who can handle some fast picking (you can slap or use your finger if you prefer, but the stuff is pretty fast) We sound kind of like a Melodic Metal band...We're into stuff like Trivium, Pantera, Tool, and Killswitch, Stone Sour, Slipknot (our singer digs Slipknot and sounds a lot like Corey Taylor when he sings), and Mudvayne. We aren't really into theatrics or stuff like that, but we need an energetic, cool, down to earth person who is as talented as they are patient (which should be pretty patient) we have two songs (lyrics and all) finished and we are working on several more, the other guitarist and I.

Myspace.com/Inbleach. or message me on here for more information.

The band is based out of Clayton/Monrovia area.