looks like the guitar jimmy page used for slide guitar, but with longer cutaways and one less pckup
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i cant believe you just made me watch that.
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Quote by end_citizen
I have the original one. It's in my sig. It is a Sivertone 1448L.

This. Not a '63 or anything else.

edit: And how do you schlemiels not hear the guitar on that track?
yeah it's definitely a danelectro 63
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Quote by B. Heath
yeah it's definitely a danelectro 63

Not to be an arse or anything, but... you don't know what you're talking about, and neither does anyone else who's guessed '63.
Hm. Silvertone Amp-in-Case, it looks like. dunno the model number, but yeah.

I've always wanted one of those.
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