I've recently been working on my tremolo picking and I was wondering if any of you guys could give me some advice.

I play purely with my wrist and I use a medium pick (1mm Tortex, it's what I'm most comfortable with).

To practice, I play open strings only. Sometimes I add notes in between. Other times, I practice scales/modes with tremolo picking to work on both hands.

Right now, after I'm warmed up, I can comfortably tremolo pick around 200bpm. I'm into playing a lot of skate-punk, so I need to at least get my speed up to 240bpm.

Is there anything else I'm leaving out that can help me? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
Move the speed up 1 bpm at a time and slowly build up your speed.


Use bursts?

"Sue, what are bursts?"

Play 8th note triplets at 210-220 bpm for three beats and then play 16th notes on the fourth beat. You should be able to play this. After a while, play 2 triplets and two beats of 16th notes, then 1 triplet and 3 beats of 16th notes, and then straight 16th notes. After this, increase the speed.
practice at least 10-20mins a day for 1 week at your highest PERFECT (note : the PERFECT is very important here... you want to practice perfectly in order to play perfectly), and do it again, 5bpms faster than the last week, until you reach the tempo you want. If 5bpms/week is too much for you, do 5bpms/2 weeks, or if you can do like 5bpms in 3-4 days, than go for it.
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or for those without a metronome like me (i know i'm horrible i need to get one), just start slowly as in really slow and build up a nice rhythm (a good thing to do is to do this in front of a TV multitasking is the best way to get something into muscle memory), once you have a solid continous rhythm (as in could keep going for an hour keeping the same rhythm), speed up a little and try and keep the rhythm. keep doing this until you build up to desired speed.
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i can play 16ths at 120. i know im slow, oh well. but saying that you can play at 200 bpm means nothing. absolutely nothing.
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i can play 16ths at 120. i know im slow, oh well. but saying that you can play at 200 bpm means nothing. absolutely nothing.

Kinda true... Ts should have specified what length of notes he is using.

I don't know if this will help much, but something I do for tremolo picking, and only tremolo picking, is anchor my wrist on the lower strings to get a good motion goin. A thicker pick also helps me as well I've noticed.

Edit- He meant are you using quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes... etc