Just Curious If Anybody Had The Tab Or Has Tabbed The Dueling Guitars From The Movie August Rush.great Song And Would Really Love To Learn It.i Tried Learning From The Movie(no Luck There) Thanks
Thanks for the link.This is a great song but very difficult to figure out.
its not actually... what i did to learn this one was learn louis' part first, then i learned August's part... much easier once you figure out the rhythm...
although i dont really agree with the tuning... it sounds great but it's not exact. It's definitely noticeable when you play the harmonics in this song...
well, i play it in DADAAD tuning, and it sounds much more accurate than the other tab, in my opinion. as for actual accurate tabs, though, i haven't found any of those, or sheetmusic. but as far as rhythm and stuff, that'd be really tough to figure out.
i found a tab that isnt from ultimate guitar (sue me). its perfect.
tuning is (from low to high) dadaad.