Recently i've gotten a job that pays really well. it's odd jobs that usually pay $100 or $50. today i got $100, but i don't know what to buy. i've already bought clothes, and a new guitar. should i buy a cheap classical guitar because i don't have any acoustics, buy more clothes, pay my guitar instructor for his distortion pedal, butt sechs. lol nah jk alright any suggestions?
Save it. University is a b*tch.
Need fashion advice?

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i love you more than words can express jean.

I saw Rick Astley in Quebec City, on April 10th 2009. Best day of my life!
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ask the drug thread, you can't go wrong

mmmkay drugs are bad mmmkay? i don't do drugs, but you won't see me type a wall of text of why that makes me better than others
a 40 and a carton of Winston's
It's a fake wheel, dummy!
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id save up for a nice acoustic if i were you, maybe an epi hummingbird or dove. personally, i'd go with the dove cos i think it looks better. whatever acoustic you get, make sure it's got a solid top.
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Give it to me.

Or develop a meth addiction.


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mmmkay drugs are bad mmmkay? i don't do drugs, but you won't see me type a wall of text of why that makes me better than others

Right, go with weed, it's not a drug.
steak dinner?

seriously go out to the nicest restaurant you can find and get yourself a steak/lobster/whatever-floats-your-boat dinner. and try to blow the $100 on all one meal.

for bonus points, dont pay for the $100 meal. dine and dash as soon as you are done
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Mike's Hard Lemonade and Taco Bell! It's serving me pretty wlel right about now...
you eat...eat a lot....i've found with my friends one of the best way to waste our money is by food....
If you cant think of anything you want, save it until something you do want comes up. Because we all know if you dont have the money for it you will start complaining.
Buy like 50 bottles of diet coke, and a bunch of mentos, and do one of those things. Like maybe fill up an inflatable swimming pool or something similar with coke and chuck a bucket of mentos in it.
spend it all on Monster then drink up.. til you puke and pass out..
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