The Story

The other day I played bass for the first time in my life. Played may not be the correct word, but I gave it a good effort. It was at school and a good friend of mine who is a very accomplished guitar player asked if I wanted to jam with him for an hour or so to kill time. He asked me because I play guitar also, but the only other instrument available was some cheap Ibanez beginners bass. In any case, I slung it over my shoulder and was amazed at how natural it felt. I was able to provide the rhythm for my friend’s blues guitar no problem, and even went off on a few fills. After an extended version of "Sunshine of Your Love", it was time to go, and that was it.

However, I couldn't stop thinking about the incredible joy I derived from playing the bass that day, and I am now currently thinking of purchasing a cheap starter bass similar to the one I used earlier.

The Question:

I know these threads are a dime a dozen, but any information you guys can spare a clueless wanna-be would be greatly appreciated. I don't have a lot of money open for spending right now, only about $250 max and that's if I absolutely have to. I was thinking of getting the Ibanez Starter Pack that comes with the bass model I used before, but I wanted to see if there were better options out there for my price range, or if I should just stick to guitar and forget about the bass for now. Thanks again in advance for any help or info you guys can give me.

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If you just wanna play bass for fun sometimes, get the cheapest one you can find lol... I got a cheap brandless bass for $60 and I use it with an old beginner guitar amp. It's pretty fun but if I had a bass amp it would be awesome

Reall I think any bass will do if you're just playing for fun.
Thanks for the link to the faq, I'm definately going to check that out. I didn't see it before so sorry to people annoyed with threads like this.

...and I am just playing for fun. I highly doubt I'm going to gig with it, but given how sought after bass players are in my area, who knows?

"So if 'con' is the opposite of 'pro', then isn't 'congress' the opposite of 'progress'?"
- John Stewart, Daily Show
welcome to UG Bass. i suggest you read the FAQ for some useful info about bass.
starter packs are ok, but not always a good value. just like a starter pack, you'll need the basics. a bass, an amp, a strap, a cable(cord/lead), and a tuner. you can buy these items seperately, and pay a little more, but get alot better equipment.
look, listen, and learn, before you buy. bass is a magical thing. not everybody gets it.
but once you understand it, you'll be better, at any instrument you choose. good luck!

Edit: just so you know, the FAQ wasn't written by "the managment". it was written by the regulars here at UG bass. read what they have to say, and remember their
names. they are the keepers of the knowledge of bass. you have to hang here awhile to figure out who knows their sh*t. and bad advice from guitar players is a dime a dozen here. so pull up a chair, and let's talk bass.
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a good starter bass in my opinion is the Squier Vintage Modified, I love mine, doesnt come with an amp, but you get a very solid instrument, way better than their guitar offerings.

oh and I payed $279 US for mine, might be able to talk the guy down