OK, I have adjusted the truss rod, and the bridge and everything. I CANT ****ing get the fret buzzing to stop. Even with a high action. It looks like the neck is angled down but its TIGHT. Here are some pictures. I want low action. HELP!

Its a BC rich ripoff. A Bich design. And its got a tune O Matic bridge. ill put a pic up in a sec
Its a BC rich ripoff. A Bich design. Bolt-On neck. And its got a tune O Matic bridge. ill put a pic up in a sec.
the neck pitch might be a little too steep, if it's a bolt on try getting it adjusted.
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it looks glued no?

his lower frets look to be that they would clear ok with credit card rule so i'm wondering what the bridge looks like, neck-guitar bolt or glue, truss rod accessability, tighter strings, theres lots of stuff. maybe frets need to be crowned and buffed but i don't know if that is worth the cost.

gotta hit it so good luck - rocktag ;
i have no idea if it is glued or not, but heres a pic of the tune o matic bridge

sorry - i meant is your guitar neck glued to the body?

seems that your lower e, a, d strings are 'slung' into body inward (to left on pic).

i'm not telling you to do this but what would happen if you loosened those 2 big screws on bridge top?

also - do i see light poking thru thar? i'm not an expert on these bridges but i thought you were supposed to wrap the string around this round metal block/bar once before going string thru guitar. or at least over then under.

again not an expert here so you will have to rely on someone else but it almost looks like that round metal 'tune o matic' bar is not even being utilized and strings are going down and rubbing against wood?

is that right?

can someone confirm or deny?

gotta get some sleepy so if anything bumpy...

had that same problem with frets ringing out too much on one of my guitars. trying getting the nut replaced. worked for me
No he has the strings thru the stop bar right. Problem your going to find with cheaper knock of guitars is the set up on em. They dont put any effort into setting these guitars up. You might need a nut they probably just stuck a plastic one in and sent it down the line. And guaranteed the frets werent leveled if the fretboard was even level when they started. There is only so low your gonna be able to go. You can fight with it trying to get a super low action or take it to a shop and see about the nut and frets. Only after you get a nice level fretboard and the nut set right can you try to get the action you want. You have to decide if you want to sink the cash into this guitar or deal with it and save for higher quality one.
ok that helps. well i probalby would put some money into it. its got gotoh bridge pickups and dimarzios in the neck. I just think somethings wromg with the neck though, like its going at a downward angle, so like maybe if I could sand it down, but idunno. Ill try to take it to somebody.
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My bad.

I thought it was more like a gibson bridge where you wrap or lay string over bridge bar.

Does it not look as if strings pass strait into guitar and are rubbing on wood?


you can do that, but unless it's just a tailpiece with no separate bridge (like on LP Juniors) you don't have to.
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Just for future reference microsoft paint has a way to resize pictures. The top wrap is optional with the stop bar and TOM bridge. I do it with my epi LP standard but not my LP100 it doesnt seem to work so well on that one. The neck may need to be shimmed some do some dont depends on how well the guitar was built. And a fret level dont know how much that costs anymore, I do my own frets. Just pay some bucks and get it set up properly. Dont know what strings you use but heavy strings and low tunings make low action harder to get.
The neck SHOULD be angled down - this is totally normal for a guitar with a TOM bridge. Trust me on this - unless the bridge is recessed into the body (which it looks like it isn't) there should be a slight (like 10 degree) angle in the neck pocket.

It's not possible for me to tell from the pictures if the neck is bowed or straight or back bowed. I would try loosening the truss rod and see if that helps. This will give the neck some relief (make it bow a little). If you loosen it and the action gets really high, and then if you lower the bridge you still get some buzzing, you may need to go the other way (tighten the truss rod to straighten it a bit. It's a bit of a compromise between the two adjustments. In the end you should be able to get it usable. if not take it to a tech.