If there is such a genre/band, please tell me, I have a bet with my friend and he's going to give me $20 bucks if i can find one.

Genre is:

Christian rap death metal.
And after you find it, i'm /r/ing rule 34 on the members of that band

This is gonna get epic, just you wait.
I <3 Drugs.

The universe works on a math equation-
That never even ever really ends in the end-
Infinity spirals out creation.

there's plenty of christian death metal and rap, but idk about the two combined.
I Love you guys you just got me 20 bucks.

+1 cent to each of you!

To be honest some of this stuff ain't bad?
Quote by guitarplaya94
first one, devil wears prada.

Devil Wears Prada is sweet. try looking up Oh, Sleeper or Becoming the Archetype. BTA i know has at least one former member of BTBAM, the drummer. and if you want something really heavy, try Impending Doom.