I'm not too sure if any UG'ers happen to work at a Guitar Center, but I have one question in case any of you do.

For a school project, I need to "apply" for a job, do I fake interview, make a resume, cover letter, and, you know, all that happy crap. I found an add for a Sales Associate at the Guitar Center in Fountain Valley, California.

But, the question I have is - what is the average salary of a person who works as a GC sales associate? For example, hourly wage, average monthly pay, average yearly pay, etc. Apparently, I need to have salary information for the project, but no info was provided in the want-ad. So, I leave it to the Pit to help me with my school project.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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If you mean a salesman, I believe that's commission.
I don't work at GC, though, so I wouldn't know.
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Don't people that get commission get a regular paycheck too?

It's probably minimum or close to mininum wage.
its minimum wage, with a "draw against" commision
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if you pm me ill explain the commision system, its really confusing
ive worked there for a year and have yet to see a commision check...
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