ok so i have prepared my guitar to move on to removing the paint off of it to paint it my own way.

but i have come across some options that i dont know what is the best way to handle it.

i know you can either sand it, chemical remove it, or heat remove it. but i dont know which one is best for my project.

i posted a while back about my project and it has all the pics you might need to evaluate it. i took off the bindng and some of the paint cracked off leaving a clean surface on the body. but i need to know how to start.

so i appreciate any help that comes my way.

oh and if you know any good websites that could help me id appreciate it too
I would definitely use sand paper. Chemicals don't really get it all. Even if they do, I wouldn't want them to seep into the wood cuz that may stop the new paint from stickin. Heat could be really bad cuz of thermal expansion. Sand paper is good, but use very fine grit, and only go right down to the end of the paint.
ok good. thats the kind of thinking i had. chemicals worry me because it might ruin the guitar and heating might do some more terrible things lol

so is there a certain way you sand it down? any tools you use with doing it?

well you can heat it but only on the surface. Sanding is the best in my opinion, but it takes a while. You can do it by hand, but thats the longest way. If you use a sander you might easily take way too much off. A guitar like that will lose a lot of value if you repaint it too.

Check this site though
its not a gibson dude. its some japan model so its not that valuable. im just worried because its soo old

so hand sanding it is more reasonable so you dont take too much off?

If you want to do it fast I found this site that has a brand of paint striper that is good and some instructions. Some guitars can have up to 6 layers of clear coat and paint so Hand sanding can take a while, but it will be done right. The chemicals on this site seem to work though and they will do just as good as long as the chemicals don't eat any bindings or plastic.

ok so im deciding to go with hand sanding. is there any tricks or tips on doing this?
Ummmm welp the main thing is start doing pull ups and push ups. Use very fine sand paper. Sand down until then is no more clear coat or paint, and be careful near the edge of the fret board, and you'll have to remove all the hardware and guts. Use 60 or 100 grit sandpaper. You have to be REALLY careful with the 60 not to ruin any of the roundovers or contours, but that shouldn't be too difficult if you do it by hand. As long as you take it easy, you can use a sander on the flat areas. Just keep checking to make sure you don't make any dips on flaten any curves.

Thats really cool that your using a jap les paul. The best strat I have ever played was this 60s or 70s jap strat called a domino.
what are roundovers and contures? and would sanding ruin the screw holes? i took off everything because alot of the parts are rusty and are in bad shape. the guitar i have is a guitar body that a guy threw down a flight of stairs and broke the neck
The round overs and contours are just the edges of the body. Like the shape I guess you could call it. The contour of the wood. The screw hole will be fine. Thats good that the neck broke cuz that would probably be the hardest part, but I would try to get a real gibson neck for it
hey if i use a piece of wood and wrap the sand paper around it would that be ok to sand off the paint? and if i sand but just do it all around instead of focusing on one spot would that be a better method of sanding it off?

and just sanding till i see wood is the amount to go right? and if i sand off the paint and make sure not to go any more when i see wood that shouldnt mess with the shape of the guitar right? and what kind of temp, environment, or weather would be best to do this? its really hot out where i am with low humidity and some breeze. and my guitar has binding channels on it so should i tape that off or not worry because it shouldnt get near them?

srry about all these quesitons. im sanding it tomorrow and i want to make sure about everything before i do. first timer here :-)