Does anyone have one?

How does it sound for metal and hard rock?

I'd like to get one, but i wanna know if it will be good for playing Zeppelin, to Metallica, to Red hot Chili Peppers, to Dream Theater
i had the SG custom with the 3 pickups...and yeah, that third pickup is pretty much just for show...I now have a LP custom with just 2 pickups and also an elitist with 2 pickups, they are very versatile with all genres i guess. Its not like that third pickup is gonna take you above and beyond or anything like that....plus your amp is gonna have a lot to do with how you sound. But an Epi LP custom is a good start, especially for Zeppelin.
Pretty much for show.

My brother has the Black Beauty and I've got the LP Custom. To be honest, it's just looks that are different and they play and sound similar. Also, some players feel the third pickup gets in the way of their picking so you may have to take that into consideration.