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This isn't about vandalizing wikipedia and then posting a link to said article. This to share any funny edits on wikipedia that you've found before the moderators had a chance to correct it.

I just found this one five minutes ago. I was reading the article on S Club 7. (they were like my favorite band when I was 6) I was looking through the band members trying to find the one member of the group who was black. Then I clicked on the right one and read the first paragraph.

Bradley John McIntosh (born 8 August 1981, London, England) was a member of the former British pop group S Club (7) where he was mainly unable to be taken seriously due to his "Token black guy" status within the band.

I lol'ed
that's funny
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Mike Vernon, the retired NHL goalie. His article currently reads: "Vernon lives in the Elbow Park neighborhood of Calgary." I managed to read it when it said "Vernon lives in the Elbow Park neighborhood of Calgary and is generally regarded to be both a c*cksucker and an a**hole."
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There was an article posted on /b/, which after 20 seconds had DESU written in 72 font all over the place.
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I remember sometime before Bioshock came out, people were editing the wikipedia page all the time including such things as "the game doesn't exist" and "pimp daddies often used their pimp juice "Adam" to smack around the little sisters".

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A kid took a fetal pig during pig dissection, put a napkin on it as a cape, wrote "super pig" on it, then threw it out the window onto the greenhouse below, yelling "super pig, blast off!". He failed the pig lab
I was reading up on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and found that someone had changed all their weapons/wraths into "Rape and Shotguns." Plus, there was a picture of a badass monk in place of these Doomsmen.

Ages ago, though.
i found the time when searching bush hit up the hitler page. it was alright
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Jesus Christ since when is the Pit a ****ing courtroom...

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on an article about "Black Metal ist Krieg" by Nargaroth: Black Metal ist Krieg has become Germany's national anthem and Kanwulf was award the Nobel Peace Prize for this album.
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no much of an edit, but a funny picture on wiki, just search bears, and you get this:

haha that's great!
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I was looking up Australia once. Who knows why cause I live there so I should know enough. But I was on the page and I read the first paragraph. After the whole formal baloney it said something like 'Australia has 6 states and 2 territories including South Australia, the worlds most boring state and Tasmania, the most inbred state.'

I sent the link to some dude over MSN but it had been fixed by the time he opened it.
I once changed every "duck" in Donald Duck to "suck".


It was changed quite quickly, however.
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Wow...just wow

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LOL at Bill of Rights!!
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Wow...just wow

A clapstack? My life is complete.
If you look on Dave Mustain's page, where they normally put the caption underneath the photo like where they are playing, under one of them is just had "Dave playing his guitar."
Made me laugh a little.
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I lol'd REAL hard. about the bill of rights thing, it sounds like something i would say to a mexican inquiring about America.

word? you again? whats with all the insults? i feel like youre just kidding around so thats why im not reporting you or anything, but you might want to chill out a bit on some of your comments. not every pit-goer takes super-sarcastic/super-flaming jokes that well.

jus saying....
Remember through sounds
Remember through smells
Remember through colors
Remember through towns
-Modest Mouse, "Novocaine Stain"
I was once looking up From First to Last (Warning: Do not flame. They were a recommendation...) and one of their albums is called "Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Bodycount". On their wiki page, someone had changed it so that every time the album came up it said "Dear Diary, I POOP A LOT IN MY BED".
I lol'd.
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After his botched snap against the Seahawks Tony Romo's page had a whole section on it. After about 2 weeks it couldn't be edited. I lol'd
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donkey the wise, very good

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Currently searching for more ego padding quotes.

Me in pit = me being bored. Any help is much appreciated.
people generally write n!gger on random articles
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my exboyfriend edited it so that when you searched "televangelism" it redirected you to brainwashing

it was changed pretty fast though.

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In one of my history classes a few years ago we were researching Julius Caesar, and everyone was on wikipedia, of course, and it just happened to say at the time "Julius Caesar had such and enormous p3n1s that he couldn't walk straight

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Ayatollah Khomeini was succeeded as the religious ruler of Iran by Ronald Mcdonald. True story.
Saw this looking at stage names.
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I remember I had to do some homework on the potato famine or something and went on wiki, and the whole article on Ireland had been changed to

What up dawg!

Lulz were ensured.
I was looking at the wikipedia page for Radiohead, and someone had changed it so the band members were: Chuck Norris, Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X, and i forget the others

I laughed soo much

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Someone went on to our school page and changed the picture to a nuremburg rally with the caption "A recent school assembly". Our Headteacher's a dick
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Once I was pissing in my friend when a few had I'd and my sink wtf goes in and walked.

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I remember before my brother was looking up a english football team (im from england btw) the team was called preston north end and someone changed it to Preston Nob End and the team plays at deepdale and someone changed it to Sh1t Dale. He said everybody was laughing in his class.
I remember the featured article a while back was law. I clicked into it and everything had been deleted and replaced with "wikipedia's information is incorrect. I used this page for research for my final exam and failed. My life is f*cking ruined. I can't take this course all over again. Don't trust wikipedia"

It went on for ages with a lot more expletives.

It turned back after five minutes.
well one time a guy I knew was searching wiki for AFI, and their picture was changed to a picture of the wiggles... it stayed that way for a few weeks too.

I'm very proud of doing that
Well I was once looking at a page on some roman emperor (forget which one) and it had this whole section that had been edited saying he had fought the protectors of the kit-kat for the rights to it to give to the world and heaps of people died in the war :s
I've seen Bushes page changed to "George Wanker Bush" and also another time it called him an arsehole on there as well.

And Will Smiths was cool, I'm not sure if it's still the same.... *checks*....hmm

it still says "Will Smith was born and raised in West Philadelphia"

However it used to say "chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool and playing basketball outside of the school, were how he used to spend most of his days". Just good enough to pass wikipedia for a bit haha

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Ayatollah Khomeini was succeeded as the religious ruler of Iran by Ronald Mcdonald. True story.

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Don't know if anyone has already posted it, but Chad Smith's Wiki article used to say his middle name was "Gaylord".

Brought the lulz for about 3 seconds.


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