Hey guys,

I play lead guitar for my downtuned semi-groovy thrash/death metal band.
Currently I use 2 gats - one being an epiphone korina explorer with a duncan Sh-13 in the bridge and an ESP m200fm with 2 Dimarzio evolutions.

Amp wise I'm using a Genz Benz El'diable head running through either a marshall 1960 or Genz Benz G-flex cab.

Even though I know my guitars are lower end models I can get some really good tones out of them using my POD 2.0 at home.

The problem is the El'diablo has a horrible fizzy tone which won't seem to disappear until its running at about 3/4 volume on either the 50 or 100 watt mode and then the sound starts to break up and get quite rough. At 3/4 volume this thing is so frikkin loud you can't even hear the drums.

This is quite frustrating as the scale of gigs we play require the amps to be down quite low (understandably) as well as when we are practising.

I've tried running the pod through the power amp section of the head but for some wierd reason it won't let me turn it up past bedroom volume, and it feeds back if I run it through the clean preamp channel input.

Anybody got any suggestions on any good new amps?
I'm willing to pay the money for something decent, and I'm looking for something that will perform well at lower volumes too.

I'm not a pedal fiddler, I just like to plug straight into the amp and play, also I'm not looking for mid-scooped, fire-breathing, volcano ultra-shred gain either but something that will cut through the mix well.

I was originally thinking of a rack setup consisting of a Tech21 Sansamp or POD pro running through a power amp.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

messa boogie triple rectifier (rectum fryer) id have one if i had the money
i kinda skimmed that but:

is there a way to turn gain up and down from Pod? try that.

for example i can turn gain on my pedal from amp to usb. 0 to 100.

i guess you could always look into an attenuator or master volume mod too.

good luck

Yeah, consider an attentuator. I'd think it'd solve the fizzy problem, because it'd let you push your amp without the unbearable volume.

Worth looking at.
Hey guys thanks for your input.

I have thought about using an attenuator but they go for around $700 here and I'm not too keen on the GB's tone so I think I will be going for something new.

Does anyone here know much about the higher end line 6 amps?