Hey all. Kind of a lovey dovey song, but I really like how this has turned out. C4C, just leave a link.

See my profile to listen:
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I think this turned out really well. The instrumentation was really nice to listen too. With your voice, it sounded like maybe you usually sing more energetic things? Kind of like you were ready to really sing out, but the song didn't allow for it. In the end, where the strings build up, I think it would sound really cool to have some drums come in, and maybe switch up the vocal pattern to something a little higher and more dramatic. Overall though, great work.
Beautiful tone on all instruments. I loved the guitar riff and the way you backed it up with strings was luscious. No flaws in that or recording (at least from what I can tell).

I agree with the user above that your voice may need a little work on singing softly like that. It did seem like at times you wanted to go a little louder with a little more feel but weren't able to, and that made some of the notes a tad off or the lyrics hard to hear or figure out at times. From what I could make of the lyrics, they fit the song nicely and I can imagine a final version of this finding its way onto a mix tape/disc of some sort.

Overall, very nice song. Thanks once again for listening to mine as well.
The Pit. The Movie.
Hm. Were the vocals that bad? The hard part about doing my musical projects is I'm not much of a singer I guess I'll have to do another vocals session with this song later on. The other night when I did this it took like 2 hours just to do vocals

But thanks for the comments, I was unsure about them. It seems like they are passable right now, but could be better. I like the drums idea, I think I will play around with that as well. Thanks guys!