as a guitar player i still need some help trying to find a way to slow down and hear every note on a cd that im trying to tab so i got on line looked for a free program that would work and work well and i found one . so im am going to post this link so all of you can down load it ,its free and simple to use just let me know how you like or dont like it thanks o by the program is cald bestpractice


thanks stompbox
cool, i'm gonna try this out. i've been using windows media player to slow down songs, but maybe this will make it sound clearer
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Just FYI for everyone else, this is not a troll and the program is legit. I don't really need it, but I can see this being very useful for some of you. Enjoy!
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how do you slow songs down on media player?
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Thanks, I just downloaded this, works great!

Currently working on some songs with it, and laughing at the hilarity of speeding up a song
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