I am interested in purchasing my first tube amp to replace my peavey transtube 258 efx. I have my sights sets on three amps as of now

-blackheart little giant 5W or handsome devil 15W and blackheart cabinet
-peavy valveking 112 or 212
-epiphone blues custom

I have 3 questions for u guys:

-If u have any experience with any of these amps, could u give me an idea of ur experience with it (pros and cons, best genre 4 it, etc)
-If u have any other reccomendations for a combo tube amp or a small stack (don't have the room 4 a full stack) please let me know. I can spend between 500 and 700 dollars, and no Fender amp reccomendations (its just not the sound im interested in)
-If u own or have owned a peavey transtube 258 efx, do u have ne settings reccomendations to get the best distortion sound out of it until i can buy the amp. Right now my settings are distortion between 9 or 10, bass:7, mid:3, treb:10. I'm looking 4 a setting that is fat yet retains a good clarity for open chords.

I really appreciate any opinions i can get.

Paul Reed Smith SE Custom
Takamine G Series Acoustic
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The Blackhearts and Epiphones are more middle of the road gainwise. Alone, they cover bluesy/classic rock territory and with a good OD or two can get more hard rock. The Valveking is more metal sounding.
thanks dude

do u know how well the valveking covers clean sounds?
also, have u seen a place that sells the handsome devil head i can't find it f***in newhere
i personally feel that my clean channel is pretty clean ha!

with strat on mid pup it is not quite fender clean but pretty damn close. clean enough to add pedal.

can you find and buy on GC dot com? there is a Blackheart 15 wattr coming out too soon so looky.

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ok hopefully ill b able 2 find a place 2 test it
another noob question: can someone explain 2 me the whole A, B and A/B textures?