Poll: How many times do you text per month?
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None (by choice or none in plan)
24 14%
78 45%
22 13%
16 9%
8 5%
6 3%
10 6%
10 6%
Voters: 174.
So far 76, but I'm out of credit.
Maybe 20 times a month tops.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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2000. only cause I run out of credit each month to do more than 2000.
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Useful when you are not in a situation to call the person directly but you have something important to say.

Maybe 10 texts a year for me.
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Its over 9000!!!!
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I hate talking on the phone
so i just text everybody

I'd say around 5000 a month
Its free for me, so i don't care
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Like 150. I try to limit my texting to 200 a month until I can find out how much Verizon charges for unlimited texting.
i clicked the wrong one by mistake.
over 5000 times easily.
especially since i get one cent text and i send about 130 every 2 days.
thats how often i empty my inbox etc.
what can i say? im a junkie and im popular :P
I have over 6000+ a month.
I have to empty my inbox about 4 times a day and it holds over 140 messages.
You're not brutal.

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maybe like 10 a month, I only text someone if I can't reach them and their voicemail is full.
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I don't because I don't have a cell phone.
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according to my phone ive sent 50 in the last 5 days
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In the ballpark of 300. It went down after I became single.
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Probably around 150-200 a month. I used to text for hours straight, but now I don't like to as much because it seems to eat up all my time haha.

--edit: Haha damn how do some of you seriously text that much? That's insane!
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i have unlimited texts so i have no idea. i dont keep count/track anymore

but a lot

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--edit: Haha damn how do some of you seriously text that much? That's insane!

sometimes when you go to class, and you have it in a big lecture hall of 200+ people, and when you dont feel like paying attention, thats perfect texting time. just asking everyone what they are doing tonight, where they are drinking, etc.

either that or they are all drug dealers
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I text 0 times in the past 3 months.
Mainly because I don't have the unlimited texting plan and I like keeping my phone bill at $15.00 a month
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i clicked the wrong one by mistake.
over 5000 times easily.
especially since i get one cent text and i send about 130 every 2 days.
thats how often i empty my inbox etc.
what can i say? im a junkie and dont have a damn clue about simple multiplication :P

Really.... That sure is interesting, good sir.
I have unlimited texts.

Between January 14th 2008 - May 17th 2008 I have sent 12901 texts which works out to about 3000 texts a month.
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Depends if I have credit. If I put a tenner on it, then my text-sending will go from 0 a month to around 5. I don't use my phone much.
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Probably about 1-4 each day more or less everyday. So around 120 -160.
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I usually text between 70 and 200 a month, depending on what happens.
5000 a month?? What the hell?? That's like 14 texts an hour if you don't count at night!! I maybe send 14 a month that's insane
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Yeah 5000 a month is just ****ing stupid.... go and see them in person ffs.
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none. no cell phone/ no one to text. 'bout 4 months until i get one though

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None. I have a phone but I never use it, it sits in my cupboard switched off.
None, my phone is somewhere in the North Sea.

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Pretty much never. I prefer to wait until I can talk face to face with someone, or if I need a quick reply I email. Text messages are just a con. 10 or 12p for 160 characters? Screw that.

I have 250 free texts/month and have very few left, if any at the end of the month.
I never do because I don't want to bother with it.
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