Hi i have a question about fender twins. The current model has got two channels and then an additional four knobs for reverb two for tremolo and presence. I have seen some used twins advertised on the internet and might be interested in them but i have seen an earlier version that only has an additional 3 knobs after both cannel. this is the only difference visable in the pictures so i was wondering if anyone could give me a list of the differences and/or tell me what all the knobs are and the back pannel is like on the older one.
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i wish i knew more but i do know that if you go to fender dot com and email them with a question they are pretty good about getting back to people...otherwise, bump this up with some kind of intelligent add on 'cause there are Twin owners on here. good question.


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"The Twin"
The first thing you need to know is that "The Twin" was a VERY specific model, it was quite different from other Fender "Twin" models.

If you'd like to learn more, go here: The Fender Field Guide
Scroll down the frame on the left hand side, and you can select Fender amps of different eras. There are several versions of the Twin. The current re-issue of the '65 Twin is included. With each, you'll see photos and a description of controls and features. I some cases, you'll also be able to click on a schematic and/or chassis layout.

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