Ok, so I picked up the RP500 today, and I'm using with a a squire starter kit amp, and the presets sound nothing like the sound demos on the Digitech's website. It's like night and day! This leads me to wonder if my little amp can actually process the stuff.
Does the type of amp affect the preamps sound? (and amp/cabinet modeling is on, so there shouldn't be much change in sound)
I had the same issues with both my RP350 and now my RP500. I finally broke down and ran the RP500 straight into a small (Squier 4) PA and now it sounds like it should. The problem seems to be that individual amps color the RP's sound. Many suggest turning off amp/cab modeling if running through an actual amp, but that sort of defeats the purpose... I now run a simple A/B/C set-up where 'A' is the RP500 running through the PA, 'B' is a separate effects chain running through a Roland JC-120, and 'C' is the signal running through a Fender CyberTwin SE amp. A bit excessive perhaps, but I "likes me toys".
So, how exactly does a PA work? Would that be all I need to make the RP500 sound like it should; or would I need an amp as well?
You need an amp, those little solid state amps have crap components, crap circuitry and crap speakers. if you want to rely on the RP500 for your sound then you'll get away with a workhorse solid state amp like a Peavey bandit.
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I don't think that digitech is going to sound good thru a squier starter amp.

Mine sounds ok thru my fender fm212 and the peavey vk...on clean channels of course.

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I said good...not great. I don't have the rp500 either but I think they share the same chip.