So my birthday is coming up and im getting a job etc.... so that means i have money to spend. I play the electric guitar, but i want something that i can practice with out plugging in and stuff. Most of my friends use ibanez and takamine, but is there one of those guitars that are amazing for a low price?? Recommend me one?
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What's your budget? If it's about or lower than $300 USD, you can check the thread below.


Also, if you specify the guitar size preference, playing style, etc., I'm sure you'll get more specific advices.

As for what your friends own, I would avoid Ibanez altogether. Decent Takamines can be had for low prices, however.

I agree with this.
That thread is a good resource, and even if your spending more than that those same brands are a good place to start for slightly mroe expensive guitars. If your spending more than $500 things might start to change a bit though.

However, it is important to know that Ibanez's generally aren't worth the money at any price range and the quality control on them is horrendous.
I suggest getting a nice Yamaha if you plan on playing more "fat" sounds. If you listen to any of the RHCP, one hot minutes' acoustic stuff is played with a yamaha and they vary very slightly in tone from what I have heard.

Also, Yamahas' make GREAT unplugged models for rhythm guitar because of the deeper and slower tone overall.
I echo what manhangi said, you can find a lot of guitar for a low price in a Yamaha. Finding out your budget would help though.