Can anyone explain to me what the deal is with the 1970's ibanez les paul's headstocks.
I bought a 1976 ibanez les paul custom today (and love it) but im a little confused about all the different headstocks they have. Aparently mine is a "Post book match headstock" but i have no idea what that meens.
Anyways, all help greatly apreciated, I'll Get some pics up in a moment

Edit: Pic's Up

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I had no idea there was such a thing in the first place. Not that I know that much anyway... But I guess you learn something new everyday.
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My friend traded his JCM900 for one of those I think...
he traded it for something anyway...
he wants to get more money than just 600 for jcm...
but anyway...
He said this guitar is a pretty good one.
He had '76 ..so same as yours...just black.
I never played it anyway...
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the term LAWSUIT comes to mind, back before Gibson got all legal...a lot of guitar manufacturers were using the same style cut on the headstock, the "open book" or whatever anyone else may call it. Gibson patented this apparently, so eventually all others had to change their design....
and the Ibanez lawsuits = BONER!!
^ Yeah, Gibson sued all the Japanese companies for copying their designs. This was the Lawsuit Era. Yours is post lawsuit, but the 70's Ibanez Les Pauls are all wicked.
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yup they changed the headstock because gibson sued them.

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