I am aware of how to form them, but when I play songs, especially stuff to the tune of "Under the Bridge" my barr chords become sporadic in the way of strings muting. My technique is usually good, but playing a song with just one bar moving and changing usually keeping the barr there. I know it is my fingers in some way, but either my knuckle downward into my hand flat out doesn't exert pressue on the strings or my fingers are just muting them, no matter the cause.

My fingers ARE short and stuby and I am arching them to the point they are basically looking like /\ but still mute occasionally while playing. It annoys the crap out of me with perfect form that it still can't be played right.

Is there anything I should do to help this out? I am really annoyed of playing under the bridge and failing miserable doing the chorus and the more complicated version of the verse because of the flat out inconsistency of my fingers.

Note: This is all on acoustic guitar
It could be, but I busted my old guitars' neck playing barr chords before though. Something about moving up and down the neck while actually playing the chords made this cheap neck snap. I don't think it is strength because of that, and the fact I can play it with ease on electrics. I REALLY love the sound of my acoustic so I want to be able to do this because of my love for my acoustic (I may be one of the few that prefers acoustic over electric)
Acoustics always take a lot more finger strength than electrics (I'm assuming you've got a steel string here. If you've got a nylon acoustic it shouldn't be much of a problem)

And about snapping the neck.. that was probably already half broken. I don't think it's really possible to break a massive wooden neck with your fingers.
Its what I suspect, but to still snap it is a feat, weak wood or not. It was a second hand 3/4 size yamaha that some friend gave to me. Thanks for the aid, maybe ill do some more finger strengthening excersizes and make sure my technique is right.
Best to start Barre chords on an electric. The lower action makes them much easier learn on the electric.
Quote by mfinnan101
Best to start Barre chords on an electric. The lower action makes them much easier learn on the electric.

I disagree. By starting out on acoustic, you form excellent muscle tone in your fretting hand/arm very quickly. This in turn equates out to speed when switching over to electric. I'm still amazed how much faster I can play the electric after a week or so of non-stop acoustic playing. You just have to watch out for over-fretting on an electric, meaning don't press too hard on the strings or you'll be playing everything sharp.