Hi guys,

My 18th birthday just came and went (wow...) and I got a fair amount of cash (£115). So I'm looking at buying a multi-effects gadget. Currently, I have a Small Clone chorus (absolutely love it) and a Korg 105od overdrive (not bad, but tricky to get a good sound). A lot of bands I like use more effects than this, so I'm tempted by a Line 6 Pod 2.0. My mate has one, I've used it and it's great for pretty much everything I tried it with - he even managed to set up a Plug In Baby preset that sounded accurate.
My question is - is this the right thing to go for? Pods seem popular, but are they reliable? Is £88.55 a good price for a brand new one? Are there any other units I should consider?
I haven't got the money to buy a tube amp and I like my Laney, so I don't think I need to upgrade my amp; perhaps a bit of amp modelling would help. The rest of my gear's in my sig, and I like progressive rock and metal, but am very varied with my tastes from heavy metal to classic rock. Oh, and I love the clean sound of a Mesa, if the Pod can do that .


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i personally own a line 6 pod x3 live and couldnt be happier. this thing has anything and everything i need, runs about $400 but im set. dont need anything else =)
PODs are popular because of the amp modelling abilities, the digital effects on POD 2.0 are usable but POD XT and X3 are better in that matter because you can edit the settings on your PC, I'm not sure if it's possible with POD 2.0. But all in all, they are a great thing for amp modelling and recording, and POD X3 seems to be really cool, especially the option to use two different amp models at the same time.