my fender hotrod deluxe has recently developed a very slight distorted sound on the clean channel, which is irritating.

it's not the valves, i changed them less than a year ago and tried the old set with the same result. i've checked the bias, it's fine.

any ideas? might be dust/dirt in the pots, but they don't crackle or anything.
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is the channel switch working correctly?
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It could be a lot of things. It could be a problem with your speakers, the baffleboard, a bad solder joint, an arching resistor, a bad jack, a leaking capacitor, arching in the output transformer or it could be as simple as having a loose nut or bolt somewhere.

I'd start by making sure the speakers are good and nothing in your cab is loose. Then I'd move on to opening the amp up and looking around for anything that looks burnt. If everything looks ok then power on the amp and start tapping on stuff with a wooden chopstick. If you get a loud Thump then you found what was broken. If that doesn't reveal anything then take it to a tech.
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thanks for the suggestions.

the channel selector switch seems ok, i am not getting the level of distortion that the drive channel is set to, it's more of a slight fuzziness which is more apparent when playing chords.

i've just dispatched the wife off into town to get a switch/pot cleaning spray, i'll give that a go plus check for any obvious signs as suggested.

I've been imitated so well I've heard people copy my mistakes.
- Jimi Hendrix