I've been trying to bring out more and more into words, I've been practicing poetry for a while now.
The only one who seems to really care about them, is my girlfriend. She's was recently in a car accident, and in a lot of pain - she said she wants me to write and play something for her.

Truth is, she was pretty close to dieing. I've been with her for a very long time, I don't know what I would do without her, I love her to death.. I just can't figure out what's the right thing to say. Should it be something happy? Should it be something sad? Should it be about what I felt seeing her in pain?
Any suggestions would be nice.. how should the playing style go? Something smooth, and soft?
Just write how you feel. If you believe what you're saying, it will come out good - only you know what she likes
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My long term gf died in a car crash last year. Tomorrow (the 18th) will be the 1st anniversary.
You're both lucky she survived.
Why would you write a sad song if she's pulled through?? If I were in a hospital due to injury I wouldn't want to hear sad ****.
Best thing you could do is write something upbeat and witty. Write about how things will be better in the future etc.
Best of luck

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